Cloud Nine [full cd] remastered ☊ GEORGE HARRISON

PauL GreY: “Where Music is a Way of Life”….☊


01. 00:00 “Cloud Nine”
02. 03:17 “That’s What It Takes”
03. 07:16 “Fish on the Sand”
04. 10:40 “Just for Today”
05. 14:47 “This Is Love”
06. 18:36 “When We Was Fab”
07. 22:36 “Devil’s Radio”
08. 26:30 “Someplace Else”
09. 30:22 “Wreck of the Hesperus”
10. 33:58 “Breath Away from Heaven”
11. 37:32 “Got My Mind Set on You”
12. 41:27 “Shanghai Surprise” (Duet with Vicki Brown) (Bonus Track)
13. 46:36 “Zig Zag” (Bonus Track)

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