Nirvana – Bleach [full album in HQ]

Every song from 1989 – Bleach album, rendered in the best quality possible.
Song list below…

00:00:00 – “Blew”
00:02:53 – “Floyd the Barber”
00:05:08 – “About a Girl”
00:07:52 – “School”
00:10:31 – “Love Buzz”
00:14:04 – “Paper Cuts”
00:18:09 – “Negative Creep”
00:20:54 – “Scoff”
00:25:01 – “Swap Meet”
00:28:01 – “Mr. Moustache”
00:31:21 – “Sifting”
00:36:39 – “Big Cheese”
00:40:18 – “Downer”

This video took me numerous hours to record, edit, render and upload. This is the best quality
audio i could export, but since Youtube converts all videos that are being uploaded, the quality is what it is.

I don’t claim any ownership, all rights go to Nirvana. No profit will be gained from this video as
it’s uploaded only for entertainment purposes. Courtney, please don’t sue me, thank you :D

“I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.”
― K.Cobain

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