Thom Yorke – Atoms for Peace – Live in Oakland

Thom Yorke – Atoms for Peace (Tour debut) – Oakland, Live, 12-14-17, 1st row, Fox Theater. Sold-out show!

Other Tidbits:

One of 3 shows (LA, Oakland and Houston/Day For Night Festival) featuring a live mix with Nigel Godrich and visual artist Tarik Barri.

Many of the fans there recognized each other from previous concerts. There was no opener and the show went ~30 mins past midnight.

1. Interference
2. A Brain in a Bottle
3. Impossible Knots
4. I Am a Very Rude Person
5. Two Feet Off the Ground
6. Amok (Atoms for Peace song)
7. Not the News
8. Truth Ray
9. Traffic
10. Twist
11. Saturdays
12. Pink Section
13. Nose Grows Some
14. Cymbal Rush
15. The Clock

16. Guess Again!
17. Black Swan
18. Atoms for Peace (Tour debut)
19. Default (Atoms for Peace song)

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