Thom Yorke (Live) – A Legend And His Piano (Best Piano Performances)

Here is my Christmas gift to you ! I’m a huge Radiohead fan and this is the legend Thom Yorke and his piano through the years.

THANK YOU ALL FOR 1 Million views!!

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Update – I just found out that Thom’s long time partner and mother to their kids – Dr. Rachel Owen passed away last month after battling with cancer on the 18th of Dec 2016.

Here is the news article

It’s really sad. Thoughts go out to Thom and his family.

RIP Dr.Rachel Owen 😢 😢

Here are my favourite tracks.
I apologize for the bad transition before The Eraser and the poor audio quality for the last track EIIRP, that was all I could dig up.

Update II – Since some of you are a bit annoyed by the EIIRP video at the end, here is one in much better quality –

Also the point of this video was to only put Thom playing on his piano, I couldn’t find a version of Pyramid Song with only Thom on the piano. But anyway, it’s an all-time favourite of mine so here is the whole band playing it –

This video is purely ‘fan made’ and all copyrights go to Thom and the owners of the various shows, places and festivals. In the good ol’ Christmas spirit please don’t take it down.

This video is simply for viewing/listening purposes and no money was made off this video. Permitted under ‘Fair Use’.

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00:00 Bloom @ Pathway To Paris
05:04 Cymbal Rush @ The Henry Rollins Show
10:03 Ingenue @ The Johnathan Ross Show
13:21 Videotape @ The Basement
18:02 Analyse @ The Basement
23:00 Last Flowers @ The Basement
27:30 Down Is The New Up @ The Basement
32:51 Eraser @ The Latitude Festival
37:33 Fog(Again) @ Paris Acoustic Session
40:15 Like Spinning Plates @ Oakland Fox Theater
43:30 Everything In Its Right Place @ Oakland Fox Theater

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