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Il 23 al circolo bikers c’è un accoppiata tutta piazentina…di quelle giuste!!! DIABOLICO COUPE’ + LINK QUARTET suona come una delle antivigilie più sensate che abbiate mai programmato…Siateci!!!

Come ogni anno torna la festa più attesa di tutte le festività natalizie, l’Antivigilia al circolo!!!
Non una serata quaunque per noi, ma un vero e proprio marchio di fabbrica!!
Quest’anno per voi sul palco due band gigantesche.
A seguire uno splendido Dj GIANDO’ per pettinare tutti a dovere!!!!
Quindi, mercoledì vi dovete tenere liberi, fate una cena leggera (perchè ci sarà da ballare), non prendete impegni per il giovedì mattina e presentatevi belli tonici!!!

Il Diabolico Coupè nasce nel 1996 come gruppo parallelo di alcuni membri dei Supereroi (Band Hardcore Punk di “qualche” anno fa).
Dopo una breve attività il gruppo va in letargo per qualche anno per risvegliarsi più fieri che mail nel 2010. Per l’occasione salgono a bordo altri vecchi catorci, anche loro reduci da più o meno vecchie band (Hermits, Morticia Lovers, Titty Twister Orchestra). Ormai fuori tempo massimo continuano a proporre il loro Surf sgangherato e fuori moda… Se vi capita venite a sentirci, magari riusciamo a farvi muovere il piedino…

The LINK QUARTET is the greatest Hammond beat band in the world and during their 3-year break demand has remained high. Resulting in: 3 compilations (Keep It Moving / Evolution / Long Live The Link) of out-of-print and unreleased tracks; continuous appearances on various artist’s packages from the UK to Japan; and a full-on assault of digital-download reissues (highlighted by even more out of print and unreleased). The Link Quartet also diversified into a whole host of new sounds and identities featuring the outrageously talented Paolo “Apollo” Negri disintegrating the plastic and ivory on nearly every kind of keyboard he could get his hands on: Fred Leslie’s missing Link (deep funk); Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra (library/ nu-jazz); The Futuro Seven (space-fi); Wicked Minds/Electric Swan (prog rock); and the “A Bigger Tomorrow” (soul groove) solo album to name a few.

“This is Paolo…what a talent; if he’d been from the UK he’d have given James Taylor a very hard run for the UK fantasy-funk Hammond player/keyboardist.” (Craig Charles live on air – Funk and Soul Show, BBC, March 2009)

But there simply was no denying the compelling need to return to the raw Hammond blast of The Link Quartet groove where go-go girls, European performance cars, and espresso bars reign supreme. A mere week after Paolo’s March 2009 showcase at the SXSW Music Festival (Austin, TX), The Link Quartet were back in business with a session that resulted in two monster grooves built from pure energy and the basic instinct of that lustful DNA that few possess.
The pressure was on to deliver a master quickly for the looming summer tour, but the result has not a single ounce of seeming rushed, and confirms, underscores, and shouts to heaven in triplicate that the time for The Link Quartet’s return to rule the Hammond beat kingdom is clearly here and now. “Fast Girls & Sexy Cars” and “Drummore” is their stronger-than-ever raw power in evidence: the breakneck power-pop pace of one and the laid-back-beat of the other. The soaring Hammond, sultry guitar, driving drums, and deeeeep bass have put The Link Quartet firmly in their own future – and that’s a place we all desire to be living.

Paolo “Apollo” Negri (Hammond) and Renzo Bassi (bass) are joined by new mates Marco “Majo” Murtas (guitar) and Alberto “Pato” Maffi (drums) and will be in the studio this autumn for the 6th album on Hammondbeat Records. Founding drummer Tony Face will continue as manager and part-time percussionist for the band.

For more information please contact Hammondbeat Records ([email protected]) or visit us on the web at www.linkquartet.com and www.hammondbeat.com, as well as our pages on MySpace and Facebook. You’ll find our releases (collect them all!) at fine retailers and digital resellers everywhere.

Il Circolo Bikers si trova a Cadeo

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